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We’re out gallivanting about these days, doing things a little differently than we used to.

For example… Instead of producing and selling our images via greeting cards, we’ve been making handy-dandy little books of our images that you can find (and buy!) at Blurb

We’re also posting inspiration and art for free on Bean Up The Nose Art’s Facebook page.

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  • Praise for Starting to Make Your Art Your Business: 100 DIY Tips

    "Tamara is like the best girlfriend you want to have if you're thinking of your own art, craft or gift business. Especially if you're starting with just an inkling of what is possible, or perhaps starting 'over' and beginning an entirely new art adventure." –Lisa Sonora Beam, author of "The Creative Entrepreneur"

  • You like us!  You really like us! (And we like you, too.)

    "Tamara's creative spirit and one-of-a-kind kick-ass, world-beating spirit made the process not only easy, but a delight." –Todd Lieman, owner of Skadaddle Media