16 Ways Creative Productivity Gets Kicked Into Gear

No treatise here.  No scholarly learning.  Not even any paragraphs.  Just a list — in no particular order — of 16 things I can vouch for that work for me, every time.


* Coffee

good sex

bantering, instead of complaining. Especially with people you are stuck in lines with, and on-line.

feeling better after a bout of feeling crappy

* a change in the weather

the first day of the month

* making a to-do list to feel complete and organized; crossing things off it

saturating yourself with image and story. (Binge-watching great series; sitting in a dark movie theater; looking at beautiful photos on Instagram; reading)

* setting a timer and creating as fast as you can without stopping, with no judgment on the result

taking a walk or run or any exercise break

* making a schedule and randomly breaking it

changing patterns  (Where you grocery shop; how you drive home; when you go to sleep or get up; that color you always buy and wear)

* playing social media creativity games  (Like @FridayPhrases on Twitter; posting photos in Instagram games/challenges like #colorsoftheweek.)

taking photos and playing around with editing them

* putting creativity time on your calendar as a date with yourself

making a quick pact with someone else to get something done by a certain time.  And congratulating each other when you do

Onward!  Cheers to your creative and productive self.