Seven Ways To Cultivate Your “Inner Voice.”

That’s right.  It’s in quotes.  Because I don’t really know WHAT to call “it.”

Muse?  Intuition?  Creativity?  Instinct?  Soul’s yearnings?

Also, “it” gets a bad rap from things like criminals’  explanations that they were told by “voices” to do bad things.  (And, frankly, I have no idea how this works.  What they are seeing/hearing/feeling — because I’m not in there with them, experiencing what happens.  Or if it happens.)

So . . . whatever we’re going to call it . . . what ...

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Perspective Shifts

Lately — since getting on Instagram a few months ago, and spending lots more time writing fiction and communicating about writing fiction — my brain’s fallen in love with the concept of perspective.

How what you see matters.  How the perspective you see it from matters to what you see and to what you show.  How the context in which something’s created shapes it.

And when you’re playing with all that?  When you’re snapping a million photos of the same thing on ...

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Ten Ways I Get Myself More Time

People often remark to me that I get more stuff done than lots of folks do.  I’ve come to think that might be true.  I’ve spent some time trying to figure out why, and I’ve come up this list below — both to give you some tips (if they seem appealing and applicable to you) and to let you know there’s not really anything mysterious about this.  Do-able!

1.  I have grown kids who don’t live with me any more.

Both parts ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing: Week 21


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer; Labor Day weekend, its unofficial end.

I’m giving One Kinda Brave Thing — and me, in relation to it — a summer vacation.  Because breaks and vacations are terrific things.  For resting, re-evaluating, re-charging, re-newing.

Sometimes, we don’t do that.  We just keep grinding.  Because we’re afraid or ashamed to stop.  Or because others ask us to keep going and we’re too shy or overwhelmed or whatever to say ...

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The Like Button

This week on Twitter, my friends posted and discussed a New York Times piece by Bruce Feiler . . . not ironically for us, about the “approval seeking and popularity tracking” of some social media users.  Which Mr. Feiler referred to as a kind of “mass anxiety,” which he described as understandable in people like teen-agers but when it comes to the rest of us, “it all begins to seem a ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing: Week 19


Yes, I am.

I’m talking about . . . S-E-X.

See how careful I feel like I have to be, even in being brave enough to bring up the subject at all?  Not with any suggestion or prompt about doing anything — just even mentioning it.  Just even writing the word.

And I’m tired of that.

Because sex is a good thing.  And it can get such a bad rap.  For so many reasons.  Because we’re uncomfortable, shy, ashamed.  Because ...

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16 Ways Creative Productivity Gets Kicked Into Gear

No treatise here.  No scholarly learning.  Not even any paragraphs.  Just a list — in no particular order — of 16 things I can vouch for that work for me, every time.


* Coffee

good sex

bantering, instead of complaining. Especially with people you are stuck in lines with, and on-line.

feeling better after a bout of feeling crappy

* a change in the weather

the first day of the month

* making a to-do list to feel complete and organized; crossing things off it

saturating yourself ...

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Let’s Be Clear: It’s Not

And it’s probably never going to be.

And that’s why I stopped blogging for so long in the second half of 2013, and the beginning of 2014.

And by now, you are probably asking yourself what the heck I’m talking about.

I’m talking about clarity itself.  Or, rather, the lack of it.  And how that lack relates to the marketing darling of this new 21st century . . . . BRANDING.  Yes, in all-caps.  Because if you listen to marketing peeps and advertising ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing, Week #17

This week’s Monday prompt:  GO. FOR. IT.

As in, whatever you want to do/post here.

As in, this is your blank page.

As in, I’ve got complete open room and space for whatever it is that you want to be brave in opening a discussion about, doing, talking about thinking being brave enough to take the first step in.

As in, your prompt for YOU — whatever that needs to be.

Go for it! And looking forward to checking back ...

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