Truth-In-Advertising: 5 Not-So-Nice Things About Me

Yesterday, I saw it:  one too many Facebook postings from an artist about the joyful way he was living his life . . . when I know lots-of-the-opposite from personal interactions with him.

On the heels of months . . . years . . . of e-mail blasts, blog posts, articles in Oprah magazine from lots of people I’ve known personally who’ve developed significant-to-huge followings based on their positioning in this new-ish economy — where more and more of us are ...

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cherry blossom springtime   


Saturday, April 26. . . . 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. . . . 2044 Alameda Ave., Alameda, CA

That’s right!

For the first time in two years, Bean Up The Nose Art is gonna sell hand-to-hand to YOU!!! You don’t have to track our greeting cards down at ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing: Week #15

Prompt:  KNOCK.  IT.  OFF.

As in, off your to-do list.

This week, I’m tackling an art business project that’s been on my to-do list since October.  That’s right.  Seven months.  And it’s not a minor one.  It’s earned its repeat/never-get-done status because 1) there’s no real deadline and 2) I’m scared of (and therefore avoid) the tech aspects of it.

No more.

This week, I will either do this task — or I’ll just f*cking drop it off the list.  Because I’ve finally come ...

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Hell Has Frozen Over . . . .

. . . because, good Lord, I’ve actually cranked up the blogging machine.  After absolutely zero entries since summer of 2013.

Let’s just say a lot has happened since then.

Grandbaby Zoe

Best.  Thing.  Ever.  As one shopkeeper describes being a grandparent, “It’s just a whole new flavor of love.”  To which we say, “HELL YES IT IS!”  Every week that goes by is a joy.  And many of them involve grandbabysitting.  Which is just simply awesome.

New Kindle book 

Yeehaw!  During the summer of ...

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Does She, or Doesn’t She? The Great Hair-Coloring Controversy

I grew up feeling ugly.

And by “grew up,” I mean until I was age 50.

Which is when I took my first trip to New York City as a single woman. And walked down the street with my very short salt-and-pepper ‘do.  And got stopped over and over again by men of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages, who — God love them — said some version of, “Damn, woman — your hair is HOT!”

Hair turns out to be very important.

Hair ...

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