Who Rocked Our World Last Week?

We’ll tell ya.

Peeps Rock
We’d like to thank three fine brick and mortar friends for ordering greeting cards from us and the buddies we represent.  Many thanks to Avatar Community Business Center in Fairfax, California . . . the very first store who was kind enough, just about four years ago, to buy and stock our very ...

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Make it so.

Experiencing a wee bit of cranky personal turbulence these days.

What does a smart and creative gal do in that situation?

Vamoose asshats


Art that expresses our dismay, our disappointment, and our resolve.  And lets the world know what we’re feeling.  Because we figure if we are, someone else probably is, too.  And we’d do better if we buck up together.

And tell all the asshats in ...

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Rolling Deep and Coming Strong

Holy crap.

Our friends and family are outta control.  In way big old great ways.

cherry blossom springtime

Where do we begin to tell you about the explosion of springtime blossoming our friends are doing? In their SPARE TIME!!! Because all these folks have day jobs, and this is what they’re launching in March and April ON ...

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Rocking Our World This Past Week . . . .

are peeps who have everything to do with card-making and card-selling.

Peeps Rock Collage

Ready?! Here we go!

* * * *

A very, very big thank you to Calypso Cards . . . who is selling and distributing 20 of our original images, and this past week bought four more to add to the collection:

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Peeps Who Rocked Our World This Week

We’re talking for the week of Feb. 11-17.  And we’re posting on Monday, Feb. 18.  In other words, we’re late.

Peeps Rock painting

It was a big week. We got a little pooped.

Let’s go!!!!

* * * * *

One of the nicest things about doing this — making art for other people to sell, making art to sell ourselves, and now selling other people’s art, too — ...

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Anything Goes . . . but not really

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a shadow-side post.  In fact, a friend at lunch yesterday remarked upon that.  Have I been happier? Yes, indeed. Life’s been quite wonderfully delicious and delovely for these past several months.

As I’ve posted, the art business is blossoming. People are incredibly kind. I am having a blast selling other artists’ greeting cards while getting to do one of things I love best in life: take road trips. My own art is morphing and ...

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New Feature! Peeps Who Rock Our World

There’s much to be grateful for. And we love giving peeps their propers. And we firmly believe that the world gets better and better the more this happens. So guess what?!?!

Peeps Rock Bean Up The Nose Art

We’re starting a once-a-week practice/tradition/posting about the peeps who rocked our world that week. Like our own personal All-Star line-up ...

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