One Kinda Brave Thing: Week 21


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer; Labor Day weekend, its unofficial end.

I’m giving One Kinda Brave Thing — and me, in relation to it — a summer vacation.  Because breaks and vacations are terrific things.  For resting, re-evaluating, re-charging, re-newing.

Sometimes, we don’t do that.  We just keep grinding.  Because we’re afraid or ashamed to stop.  Or because others ask us to keep going and we’re too shy or overwhelmed or whatever to say ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing: Week 19


Yes, I am.

I’m talking about . . . S-E-X.

See how careful I feel like I have to be, even in being brave enough to bring up the subject at all?  Not with any suggestion or prompt about doing anything — just even mentioning it.  Just even writing the word.

And I’m tired of that.

Because sex is a good thing.  And it can get such a bad rap.  For so many reasons.  Because we’re uncomfortable, shy, ashamed.  Because ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing, Week #17

This week’s Monday prompt:  GO. FOR. IT.

As in, whatever you want to do/post here.

As in, this is your blank page.

As in, I’ve got complete open room and space for whatever it is that you want to be brave in opening a discussion about, doing, talking about thinking being brave enough to take the first step in.

As in, your prompt for YOU — whatever that needs to be.

Go for it! And looking forward to checking back ...

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One Kinda Brave Thing: Week #15

Prompt:  KNOCK.  IT.  OFF.

As in, off your to-do list.

This week, I’m tackling an art business project that’s been on my to-do list since October.  That’s right.  Seven months.  And it’s not a minor one.  It’s earned its repeat/never-get-done status because 1) there’s no real deadline and 2) I’m scared of (and therefore avoid) the tech aspects of it.

No more.

This week, I will either do this task — or I’ll just f*cking drop it off the list.  Because I’ve finally come ...

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Make it so.

Experiencing a wee bit of cranky personal turbulence these days.

What does a smart and creative gal do in that situation?

Vamoose asshats


Art that expresses our dismay, our disappointment, and our resolve.  And lets the world know what we’re feeling.  Because we figure if we are, someone else probably is, too.  And we’d do better if we buck up together.

And tell all the asshats in ...

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Anything Goes . . . but not really

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a shadow-side post.  In fact, a friend at lunch yesterday remarked upon that.  Have I been happier? Yes, indeed. Life’s been quite wonderfully delicious and delovely for these past several months.

As I’ve posted, the art business is blossoming. People are incredibly kind. I am having a blast selling other artists’ greeting cards while getting to do one of things I love best in life: take road trips. My own art is morphing and ...

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Just About The Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written

Because a) this subject means a ton to me, and b) I do not like writing about politics.

Here’s what I believe about politics:

We each believe what we believe, and all of us — even the people we don’t agree with — are entitled to our opinions.

I therefore generally loathe political “discussions” (insert: Facebook postings, on-line rants, TV coverage of political speeches and the commentary after them, even the Presidential debates themselves).  Because everyone has (and gets to have) an opinion — ...

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