One Kinda Brave Thing: Week 19


Yes, I am.

I’m talking about . . . S-E-X.

See how careful I feel like I have to be, even in being brave enough to bring up the subject at all?  Not with any suggestion or prompt about doing anything — just even mentioning it.  Just even writing the word.

And I’m tired of that.

Because sex is a good thing.  And it can get such a bad rap.  For so many reasons.  Because we’re uncomfortable, shy, ashamed.  Because of teachings that it’s wrong or dirty or somehow else bad.  Because many of us have been abused — which makes it hard and scary and painful and difficult to enjoy when it’s done even under safe circumstances.

But guess what?  Now I’m finally old enough and happy enough to be brave enough to post the word, the topic, and my enthusiasm about it, here.

The topic — the problem of talking comfortably about sex — has been on my mind especially these days because, in my “other” life, I’ve written a mystery novel set in ancient Rome.  It’s now being serialized, chapter by chapter, on the cool Juke Pop website.  Two chapters are up now.  There’s a lot of cussing so far.  But no sex so far posted yet.

But wait.

Because there’s an orgy coming up in Chapter Four.

Yes.  You read that right.

So, I’ve got to be brave enough to post that chapter when it comes up for my publication schedule at the end of this month.

And I’m practicing this week by posting here about S-E-X.  Kinda bravely.  At least getting the topic out there.

So, have some fun, people!  And say some words about it :)  (In the comment section of Bean’s Facebook page, here.)