One Kinda Brave Thing: Week 21


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer; Labor Day weekend, its unofficial end.

I’m giving One Kinda Brave Thing — and me, in relation to it — a summer vacation.  Because breaks and vacations are terrific things.  For resting, re-evaluating, re-charging, re-newing.

Sometimes, we don’t do that.  We just keep grinding.  Because we’re afraid or ashamed to stop.  Or because others ask us to keep going and we’re too shy or overwhelmed or whatever to say no.  Or _______. (Fill in with the so-many-other reasons we often just keep going, instead of resting when we need to.)

So let us know on our Facebook page what you’re giving yourself a break from this summer.

And we’ll see you back here for regular Monday postings on Labor Day Monday.  Have a terrific summer!!!