Let’s Be Clear: It’s Not

And it’s probably never going to be.

And that’s why I stopped blogging for so long in the second half of 2013, and the beginning of 2014.

And by now, you are probably asking yourself what the heck I’m talking about.

I’m talking about clarity itself.  Or, rather, the lack of it.  And how that lack relates to the marketing darling of this new 21st century . . . . BRANDING.  Yes, in all-caps.  Because if you listen to marketing peeps and advertising ...

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Does She, or Doesn’t She? The Great Hair-Coloring Controversy

I grew up feeling ugly.

And by “grew up,” I mean until I was age 50.

Which is when I took my first trip to New York City as a single woman. And walked down the street with my very short salt-and-pepper ‘do.  And got stopped over and over again by men of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages, who — God love them — said some version of, “Damn, woman — your hair is HOT!”

Hair turns out to be very important.

Hair ...

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Peeps Who Rocked The Week — Including New Art Buddies!

Hey there!  The weekly tradition continues . . . shout outs to peeps who particularly rocked Bean Up The Nose Art’s world over the past week.  Peeps Rock

And here we go!!!

Our first round of shout-outs always goes to the fine indie brick & mortars who buy stuff from us — our own cards, and/or those of the artists Bean Up The Nose art reps for.  (Want to know ...

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ReRite Your Story: The Next Chapter Workshop


We’re sharing our Bean Up The Nose Art studio space for a new class this fall . . . from wonderful Michelle Favreault of RiteHereNow.


On Saturday, September 15, Michelle will be leading her “ReRite Your Story: The Next Chapter Workshop” at our place.

Michelle has been leading writing groups and spiritual programs for nearly 20 years.  She asks in her intro to this class,

. . . ...

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Wide Awake (and, Twitter-post alert)


Let’s just say I’m not really a morning person.

I do my best work at night, during uninterrupted hours between around 8 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.  Where I play a wide variety of “stations” on Pandora.  (Sidenote: Those responsible for creating and maintaining Pandora should be awarded MacArthur grants.)  Where I start the five-hour stint with a hefty dose of caffeine, ...

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